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accented chars

From: <jlm(at)>
Date: Fri May 26 2000 - 06:56:31 GMT
I use swish-e for 3 years to index a site in french, texts with a
lot of accented characters. In particular it is very
interesting to use search with or without accents, words
being in std ascii in the index.

In recent versions of swish-e (>=1.3, it seems) there has
been a small modification : the array entities[] in swish.h
gives correspondance of html entities in iso-latin1 :


(in old versions it was ...,"&eacute;","&#233;","e",...)

so, words in the index are with accents and searching with
or without accents doesn't work.

Is there any reason for this modification ? Of course I can
easily patch the source ...


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Received on Fri May 26 02:59:33 2000