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Re: Compiling Swish-E 1.3.2PHRASEk for Win32

From: Jose Manuel Ruiz <jmruiz(at)>
Date: Wed May 24 2000 - 14:54:15 GMT
Hi Chris,

Chris Humphries wrote:
> I have managed to get Swish-E to compile as a Win32 Console Application.
> I had to change line 413 of "docprop.c" to
> /* void *ptmp,*ptmp2; */
> unsigned char *ptmp,*ptmp2;
> and line 1722 of "search.c" to
> /*void *ptmp,*ptmp2;*/
> unsigned char *ptmp,*ptmp2;

I will correct it.

> because the lines involving ptmp2 as a void pointer in pointer arithmetic
> would not compile without an error, e.g. ptmp2 += sizeof(int);  gave an
> error, even though this same operation under DJGPP gave no problems.
> Line 54 of "swish.h"
>         #define snprinf _snprintf
> should read
>         #define snprintf _snprintf

It was my fault. Sorry for the inconvenience.

> *There were 91 warnings after linking*

I will look at it. But now, I only can test the code with gcc
(Linux, Solaris, AIX ) and cc (AIX).

At this moment, I am dealing with:

- Fix a problem in merge.c and include WordChars, and
other options in the merged files.
- Looking for a possible problem with memory allocation in AIX.
- Adding more features in "XML Metanames": Nested MetaNames and
automatic extraction of MetaNames.

Thank you for your feedback.

Jose Ruiz
Received on Wed May 24 10:58:56 2000