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SGML/XML Element Names

From: <steve.moldenhauer(at)>
Date: Tue May 23 2000 - 01:59:11 GMT
Let me start out by saying how impressed I am with the initial ease of
installing and building a swish-e index! Now, the bad stuff...

I would like to use swish-e v1.3 as a tool for SGML authors. In order to be
useful in this environment, I would like to index SGML element names and
attributes. In reading the config file, it warns against using "<|>" in
WORDCHARS. Is there a work around to this?

Here is an example of the type of "words" I would like to index:
<sheet graphicnbr="10756E00" atagnbr="M017713x"

I would like to query and get a return of all occurrences of "10756E00" and
further "sheetsize=partial". At the very least, I would like to be able to "turn
off" the behavior that doesn't look in between the "<>".

I don't believe the "MetaName" is of much value to me. We have multiple DTDs
with 100s of elements (with thousands of attributes) that would have to be
included. As a side note, any thought of using the Xpath for the Meta
indexing/searching (allowing for the searching of an element in a specific

Also, if anyone is using swish-e with SGML/XML and has any success stories, I
would love to hear them.

- Steve
Received on Mon May 22 22:15:54 2000