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Re: swish-e-1.3.2-PHRASEk.tar.gz released

From: marc 'embee' borms <marc(at)>
Date: Wed May 17 2000 - 13:55:20 GMT
>I'm somewhat concerned about this change in MetaNames.  First, do I
>understand correctly now that:
><META NAME="foo" CONTENT="bar">
>Is now the same as

Yes. That's what I think.
I asked for a way to search content in XML tags, and this is what's been
implemented, by using MetaName info.

>And searching for -w "foo=word" would find word in either place if a
>document had both a <META> named FOO and a <FOO> tag?

>Will <FOO> be found anywhere in the document, or just within <BODY> tags?

My start point was how to use <XML>tags. This means my docs to search for
valid XML documents. This means that there is no need for the XML doc to
a <BODY> tag.

>What happens if there's an open <FOO> and no </FOO> found?

In that case there is something wrong with the XML doc.
Every <START> tag needs a </START> tag. In XML though, you can combine
both in a <START/> tag.

>What happens if both FOO and BAR are Metanames and:
>   outside
>      <BAR>inside</BAR>
>   last
>Will the word "inside" be found in both FOO and BAR?

At this moment, it will just work for -w"bar=inside".
It doesn't work for  -w "foo=inside" and that's a pity, I hope it'll do that
too. (*)
>What if <BAR> is not a Metaname.  Will "inside" be included in FOO.

For the same reason as prior (*), I hope it finds "inside" in <FOO>

>I might like to have a setting for indexing to say STRICT_METANAMES to mean
>that only <META> tags would be indexed, in case there might be a conflict
>with a <META> tag and an XML tag.

I think it's a good idea to make difference in strict MetaName info and Xml
Good idea to define different directives.

marc borms
Received on Wed May 17 10:04:34 2000