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Re: Process Not Dying Off Revisited with New Info

From: David Norris <dave(at)>
Date: Tue May 16 2000 - 22:29:12 GMT
Eric Haymaker wrote:
> Well, I deleted swish-e form the website, then recompiled and then
> reinserted the code.  The runaway processes seem to have stopped -- but I
> don't know if  the webhost technician has done something or if the code
> worked.

Maybe a strange coincidence?

> Cursiously, this morning when I typed "top" to see the list of active

Can 'top' not tell who owns a given process on BSD?  (I gather it
mustn't. I don't have access to 'top' on my BSD account.)

> processes on the server, I saw "swish-efs" and a "swish94.2"  I am not

Just a wild speculation on my part: perhaps 'swish-efs' is an older
version of SWISH-E which had the HTTP and FS indexer as compile time
options.  'swish94.2' may very well be an old 1994-era SWISH/1.x
release.  Those may be subject to the hang-up problems.

Root should be able to find the offender by doing 'locate swish-efs' or,
at worst, 'find / -name swish-efs'  The process name should match the
file name here.

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