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Process Not Dying Off Revisited with New Info

From: Eric Haymaker <ehaymaker(at)>
Date: Tue May 16 2000 - 13:37:49 GMT
By special request, I am resubmitting this in ascii format:  And I've added
some new info at the bottom.

After a search, the process is not dying off.  Our website host runs a
BSD/OS Unix server. I found some info in this discussin thread about
"runaway process".  I followed the instructions for changing the code, but I
still have runnaway processes. Here is what I found in the discussion
thread, which doesn't seem to have stopped the problem).

In getfileinfo() in search.c, it does:
while ((c = fgetc (fp)) != 0);
which should really be:
while ((c = fgetc (fp)) != 0 && c != EOF);

It probably shouldn't ever hit the EOF, but you never know. The same
thing is true of the for() loop this is enclosed in, and you probably
want to change the "if (c == 0)" below the for loop to be "if (c == 0 ||
c == EOF)".

The day after:

Well, I deleted swish-e form the website, then recompiled and then
reinserted the code.  The runaway processes seem to have stopped -- but I
don't know if  the webhost technician has done something or if the code

Cursiously, this morning when I typed "top" to see the list of active
processes on the server, I saw "swish-efs" and a "swish94.2"  I am not
convinced we were causing the problem yesterday, even if the webhost
technician did a search and found no other swish-e programs.  Anybody seen
"swish-efs" and/or swish94.2" before?
Received on Tue May 16 09:40:31 2000