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Re: swish-e phrase search

From: Jose Manuel Ruiz <jmruiz(at)>
Date: Mon May 08 2000 - 16:36:06 GMT
Hi, Andrew

I am afraid that it is a little more complex than that.
I have made a complete rewrite of many functions, 
including fixing many bugs of the original swish-e:

- Fixed lots of memory buffer overruns.
- New wildcard search to boost performace.
- Faster direct access: Uses a hash aproach when possible.
- Uses less memory. In fact, it frees memory when is not longer
- Sort of search results by MetaName.
- Show only a subset of search results.
- Portable index file between platforms.
- Better compression of integers.

Now, although quite stable, there is a little work to do
with defined stopwords and automatic stopwords and phrase search.

You can find the code at:

Remember that this is a beta vesion.
I need more feedback from people. It is working well for me but
I have not tested some features like filters or HTTP because
all my databases are based in a File System schema (ascii files
whit metanames).
Have a nice day


Andrew Kreiling wrote:
> i am very interested in the phrase searching mods you mentioned on the
> swish-e mailing list.  i am just now looking at swish-e (and other products)
> for indexing for a project i am working on and that was one of the criteria
> i need.
> if you'd like to send me diff's or patches i can help you test them out.
> thanks.
Received on Mon May 8 12:38:12 2000