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Swish v1.3 problems

From: Andrew Linn <andrew_linn(at)>
Date: Thu May 04 2000 - 13:18:31 GMT

I am currently using v1.2 of swish for indexing of a group of files and
documents. It all seems well apart from a few problems which I think are
all fixed in v1.3 (problems with long extensions, certain directories and 
the relevance dropping off quite steeply)

The problem I have is when I try and run v1.3 with the old ocnfig files. It 
does not seem to accept the NoContents line and the IgnoreLastChar and 
IgnoreFirstChar lines. This is a bit of a problem since I have .exe, .gif 

If you have any advice please contact me.

Andrew Linn
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Received on Thu May 4 09:20:22 2000