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Re: Win32 PHRASE search

From: Jose Manuel Ruiz <jmruiz(at)>
Date: Mon Apr 24 2000 - 15:09:49 GMT
Hi all,

Sorry for the delay but I have been out for the last four

I will modify the next package to add Dave's Win32 definitions
to swish.h (and remove the others from the files).

I also think that stricmp is the equivalent to strcasecmp.
But a more accurate function is needed to handle non
a-z characters (like german umlauts) and also a more accurate
tolower function to index non ascii chars.

At this point, I am making a little rework on memory managment
and trying to fix problems with non-ascii characters (as
pointed by Rainer Scherg).
Aditionally, I do not like how expandstar works because
the search is computed twice:
1) One for obtaining a lists of words: 'b*' is translated into 
'(back or bat or ...)'
2) Another one to compute the big "or" list.
I think it would be faster if we make both things
simoultaneously. In this way we do not have to access the
disk twice.

David Norris wrote:
> Win32 Binary:
>         I have built a Win32 (DEBUG) executable of SWISH-E PHRASEh for others
> to test out.  It does pass the "test.html" test just fine, but, I have
> done no real testing with it.
> Download from:
> Source Modifications:
>         It appears that the 1.3.2 code already had several Win32-conditional
> instances of "#define strcasecmp stricmp"  So, I removed them all from
> their various locations and added just a single definition to swish.h.
> The Win32 definitions in "swish.h" should be modified to:
> #ifdef _WIN32
> #include "win32/dirent.h"
> #define snprintf _snprintf
> #define pclose _pclose
> #define popen _popen
> #define vsnprintf _vsnprintf
> #define strcasecmp stricmp
> #else
> #include <dirent.h>
> #endif
> Various source files should have the "#define strcasecmp stricmp"
> removed from them.

Jose Manuel Ruiz Ramos
Received on Mon Apr 24 11:11:54 2000