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From: Bill Moseley <moseley(at)>
Date: Thu Apr 13 2000 - 13:34:35 GMT
At 03:18 AM 04/13/00 -0700, Jose Manuel Ruiz wrote:
>I am thinking on adding a new search feature using a special
>type of metaname: a numeric type. My users demand
>also searching the file data by its numerical code. For example:
>"code <= 23 and code >98"
>Since dates could be stored in the same way, it would also
>possible do the following search:
>"mydate >=20000101 and mydate <=20001231".

Just as long as there's a way to specify string vs numeric sort.  It would
be nice to limit records by date, for example (which I store as a unix

Did you look at the directory
for any patches that could/should be included?  I'm not sure is SRE
included any in his version or not, other than the stemmer.c bug.

One patch that would be nice is the one that provides paging within swish.
I don't like the way I page right now in my programs -- I read the entire
results back, sort the results, and then splice out my page.  I'm not sure
if that could be setup in swish due to the special sort I'm using (I sort
on data returned in ProperyNames).  My method also means I'm reading a
rather large chunk of data back into the web server (running mod_perl) and
that memory is used for the live of the server process.  So it would be
nice if swish only returned the page I'm interested in.

Someone once discussed on this list making swish-e an Apache module.  I'd
love to try out that.  Swish will always be limited in speed as long as a
fork has to be done for each request.  Might be better memory wise to have
a swish-e daemon, but probably much easier to make it an Apache module, or
even just an xs extension for perl that can be loaded into Apache with a
PerlModule directive.

I've made simple xs modules before (for example, I've got the swish
Stemmer.c module available to perl that I use for highlighting results),
but I'm not good enough, probably, to make swish-e a module.  Someday I'll
look at that.

Have fun,

Bill Moseley
Received on Thu Apr 13 09:46:09 2000