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Re: AutoSwish

From: Michiel Dethmers <michiel(at)>
Date: Wed Mar 22 2000 - 12:55:26 GMT
On 21 Mar 00, at 12:54, David Norris wrote:

> Christopher Adams wrote:
> > Is AutoSwish still available?...
> > anyone have information about this? 
> Excellent questions, hopefully someone will have more info on this. 
> AutoSWISH 1.1 had some major security problems among a few minor things.

I made an update of AutoSwish, but it's work in progress. I'd love 
more feedback. I use it myself at a few sites, leaving the indexing 
to non-programmers and it seems to work fine.



> > What are people using for a search engine/index?
> I think most of us (based on past conversations) are simply creating our
> own config files by hand.
> Are you going to allow many different (dozens, hundreds, etc) people to
> create their own custom search indices?  AutoSWISH would be useful for
> that.  AutoSWISH really isn't that much better than writing the config by
> hand.  But, it does allow you to 'forget' which directives do which tasks
> in the config file.
> Or, are a few people going setup a group of system-wide search indices? In
> this case it might be easier to create a few config files by hand, write a
> simple shell script, and schedule that script to run the indexer daily or
> weekly.
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