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Searching Swish-E Index Files

From: New Tecumseth Public Library <ntpl(at)>
Date: Sat Mar 18 2000 - 20:37:46 GMT
Good afternoon,

For several months I've had swish-e implemented.  I have completed my
site and now I would like to make the site searchable.

In particular, this is what I require my search to do:

1)  Return the <META NAME="DC.Title"> tag as the title of the document.
2)  Return the <META NAME="DC.Description"> tag as the description of
the document.

On a separate matter, how would I get SWISH-E to only index files ending
with filenamea.html and filename.html?

I would be most appreciative of any assistance I could receive.

Jeff Longland
Received on Sat Mar 18 15:38:30 2000