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Re: Re: ISO-8859-8

From: Ben-Nes Michael <miki(at)>
Date: Fri Mar 17 2000 - 07:59:57 GMT
Hi and thank you for your help.

Please check the 8859-X maps in here:
and here for the list of the characters:

I found after further investigation that the character 247 (iso-8859-8 8 bit ascii)
is the problem, and when a word include this character it indexed under the first
letter in the word.

I did add it to the WordCharacters (with all other hebrew characters).
I wonder if I can add row ascii value there ?

I hope that the fix (if will be available) will work under the unix community too,
lots of institution in Israel can use it to share information :-)

David Norris wrote:

> Ben-Nes Michael wrote:
> > I downloaded the binary dist for NT. :-(
> > I did add the Hebrew chars to user.config file.
> > Can the program be compiled on NT to ? (my experience is in the linux zone and
> > not in the NT).
> It will compile on Windows NT/2000 using Microsoft Visual C++
> (preferably) or MinGW32 (GCC: not CygWin32).  If someone can come up
> with a more I18N-friendly config.h configuration I'd gladly recompile
> the NT version.  I'm not sure what would be best, though.
> > Why do you think that the bad letter is 225 ? it does work with other
> > combination, maybe the combination itself is somewhat wrong.
> Is that character special in ASCII?  I might look into that in a bit.
> It's probably something silly.
> I'd think that the user.config should be able to handle it.  But, there
> are likely a million hidden I18N issues with SWISH-E.
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