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Re: Re: Multiple indexes

From: David Norris <dave(at)>
Date: Fri Mar 17 2000 - 01:42:46 GMT
Steve Thomas wrote:
> > Actually, you can just sort the results returned -- e.g.
> > swish-e -f index1 index2 ... -w terms | sort -nr -k1
> > That will sort by the ranking score, in reverse numerical order.

Well, that is obviously an option on most Unix systems (and OS/2, NT,
MacOS with GNU).  I was refering to sorting results within SWISH-E
itself.  It would not be possible (without some serious rewriting) to
sort results in SWISH-E itself using multiple indices.  The whole search
process assumes we're dealing with a single index.

Ron Samuel Klatchko wrote:
> So unfortunately, a score of 600 from one index
> might actually be a better match then a score of 750.
> Can anyone else confirm this or am I just smoking crack?

Well, if I understand the ranking algorithm, then you are correct (at
least, to some extent).  Ranking is normalized to 1000.  A rank for a
search on one index is probably reasonably meaningless for another.  

The indices are searched in sequential order.  SWISH-E completely
'forgets' everything from one index to the next.  (Which is why the
multi-index search acted screwy when using maxhits.)  The multiple index
search only saves you the time of forking over and over in the search

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