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Re: New cgi script using metadata

From: Steve Thomas <stephen.thomas(at)>
Date: Sun Mar 12 2000 - 23:44:28 GMT
David Norris wrote:
> Steve Thomas wrote:
> > Others might be interested in what I've been doing with swish-e and
> > metadata. ...
> ...  Have you thought about having swish-e call an external
> script or program to do some of this?

It has occurred to me since writing that it might be sensible to provide
(somehow) for "add-on" modules to handle different metadata (and other)
formats -- somewhat like the modules approach taken with Apache, I
guess. As others have mentioned, we really need the ability to index RDF
as well as HTML.

However, I lay no claim to C skills, so someone else will have to
(hopefully) take up the challenge.


Received on Sun Mar 12 18:45:15 2000