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SWISH-E not indexing Links in <a href></a>

From: Thorsten Bremer <thoddi(at)>
Date: Sun Mar 12 2000 - 01:15:48 GMT

I'm using SWISH-E with the filesystem-method.
It seems that the program will not index or find any text between the

Example: In a file exist this statement:
         <a href="test.html">Test-Text for testing</a>

The indexing of this file is visible in the SWISH-E output, but no text
from "Test-Text for testing" will be found when searching the index. All
other text from this file will be found.

Whats wrong? Or do I need a special setting in my config-file?

If this problem is well known here, then sorry, but I can't find this
question in the archive.
Bis denne,                < ><
           Thoddi, MdD
Received on Sat Mar 11 20:16:22 2000