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Re: Swish-E and HTML documents with frames

From: Ron Samuel Klatchko <rsk(at)>
Date: Sat Feb 26 2000 - 01:28:29 GMT
Chris Humphries wrote:
> The way my system works, all the "frame src" links are read to create one
> big file, and *any* "a href" links found in any of those files are returned
> as if they were from that one big file. This means that to get at any <A>
> tags in the HTML pages you describe, one would need to set the spider to
> read to a depth of 2.

That's not what I'm worried about.  If you find one of the pages
directly referenced from the frameset, then you get the entire
frameset.  But if you find one of the pages that is indirectly
referenced, you get the page only.  Is that behavior acceptable?  The
first one is nicer but the second one will be more common.

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