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question about $response->content in swishspider

From: Kei <97909585d(at)>
Date: Wed Feb 23 2000 - 16:59:04 GMT
Hi everybody

In the swishspider, there is part of program is shown as below

if( $response->code() == RC_OK ) {
    my $contents = $response->content();

    open( CONTENTS, ">$localpath.contents" ) || die( "Could not open
contents file $localpath.contents\n" );
    print CONTENTS $contents;
    close( CONTENTS );

In  my $contents=$response->content();   Does it take all the content
of html(webpage)  include <tags>?

and finally, $p->($contents)  .Does it remove all <tags> in
$contents?and i
where this result will go and what is the result?

Thank you very much.
Received on Wed Feb 23 12:08:15 2000