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metadata & properties

From: Steve Thomas <stephen.thomas(at)>
Date: Wed Feb 23 2000 - 05:00:26 GMT

I'm proposing a solution to indexing our web site using swish-e and
metadata (Dublin Core). I want to use the Document Properties to return
the DC.identifier and DC.description contents -- the first will be used
as the URL in the found list, the second displayed on the next line as a
description for the page. (This is done with a modified

So my config file contains these lines:

MetaNames DC.Identifier DC.Description
PropertyNames DC.Identifier DC.Description

This works well, except that the content of the DC.description does not
seem to be searchable. (All other meta content is indexed.) I could get
around this by adding important terms to DC.subject, but ... it seems
like a bug to me that DC.description is not indexed.

Has anyone else found this, or have a solution?



Received on Wed Feb 23 00:03:59 2000