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Re: CPU usage ober 50%, swish-e crash

From: David Norris <dave(at)>
Date: Wed Feb 23 2000 - 03:12:14 GMT
Wenlong Wang wrote:
> I am new here. We just installed swish-e on IBM AIX machine. When we run
> swish-e, we found that the CPU usage was over 50%. It affects the web
> server a lot. We want to limit the CPU usage of swish-e to less than
> 20%.

Well, assuming SWISH-E is functioning properly (even if it isn't), can't
you just nice it to 15 or 20 or something safe?  I assume AIX is a Unix
and has nice/renice.  I'd probably never run something like SWISH under
under 10 priority on a loaded machine.  Even if it doesn't use much CPU,
I'd still want to choke it back in case something goes awry.

> In addition, when we run swish-e to index a directory with about total
> 25 MB files and subdirectories, swish-e run about 2 hours and then
> crashed. There was no output file.

Which version of SWISH-E?  A recent one?  I like the binary file
theory.  In a perfect SWISH, this wouldn't be a major issue.  But, I'd
also not rule out a bug.  This sort of stuff has been a problem with
SWISH in the past.  Make sure you're not indexing strange file formats. 
If it still crashes, then I'd be looking around for problems.

,David Norris
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