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Re: RE: IIS4/NT 4 Installation

From: SRE <eckert(at)>
Date: Sat Feb 12 2000 - 03:38:53 GMT
At 05:34 PM 2/11/00 -0800, David Norris wrote:
>Theoretically, that might work.  It just depends on if you have execute
>priveleges in the directory where you have placed the executable.

Assuming the server will LET you execute, you have to get the
file extension right (.pl, .cgi, whatever) so it matches what
the server thinks can be executed... THEN you have to set the
execute permission bit. I found my FTP client didn't allow
"chmod" commands with args like "+x", but did allow the numeric
form "755". Most FTP transfers reset the exe bit.

If you've got a jumpy sysadmin, they'll find the chmod and
blow a fuse. Better ask first.
Received on Fri Feb 11 19:35:13 2000