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Re: RE: IIS4/NT 4 Installation

From: David Norris <dave(at)>
Date: Sat Feb 12 2000 - 01:36:44 GMT
Chris Randall wrote:
> As I understand it (from othjer replies to my question) there is no actual
> installation required.  I am using a hosting service to serve up my site.
> They will not allow me to install new apps, but I am wondering if I just

This is not a good start.  That's my biggest gripe about NT/IIS based
mass-webhosts.  The sysadmins are generally ignorant and would rather
allow you no priveleges than actually learn what they're supposed to be

You are correct that there is no installation.  Just an executable and
the indices you have created.  You can index the site from some other
computer.  You'll likely need PERL (5.004 or newer, I think) installed
on the machine which does the indexing.  Unless, of course, you have a
mirrored copy of the web tree.

> unzip the swish-e engine into my directory structure, whether it will work.
> Do I just need to "point" to it in my front-end scripts?  Does anyone have

Theoretically, that might work.  It just depends on if you have execute
priveleges in the directory where you have placed the executable.  You'd
probably have to talk to your sys admin.

> any sample script code I could look at?  Is there a recommended front end
> Perl script form out there to Swish-e?  I was hoping to get one where I
> could give users the option to search specific sub-directories (sections) in
> my site.

A number of PERL scripts are listed at:

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