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RE: IIS4/NT 4 Installation

From: Chris Randall <crandall(at)>
Date: Fri Feb 11 2000 - 15:26:16 GMT
As I understand it (from othjer replies to my question) there is no actual
installation required.  I am using a hosting service to serve up my site.
They will not allow me to install new apps, but I am wondering if I just
unzip the swish-e engine into my directory structure, whether it will work.
Do I just need to "point" to it in my front-end scripts?  Does anyone have
any sample script code I could look at?  Is there a recommended front end
Perl script form out there to Swish-e?  I was hoping to get one where I
could give users the option to search specific sub-directories (sections) in
my site.

Received on Fri Feb 11 10:36:29 2000