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Re: Rogue stop word, "and"

From: Edwin Whitelaw <ewhitelaw(at)>
Date: Sun Feb 06 2000 - 17:51:11 GMT
OK, I'll buy that.

All of the boolean flags are also listed as stop words.   What's the point
of listing them if they don't return the stop word message, "word too
common, etc..."?  I'm further puzzled that a search on "not" returns a hit
even though it's in the stop list. (I recognize it's not a boolean, but it
is a rule word.)

>From the user's perspective though, they have tried to search on a trivial
word so I'd like to return the same message as if they'd searched for
"the", for instance.

I'm just puzzled a bit by the choice of logic here.

Thanks for responding,


Bill Moseley wrote:

> At 03:01 PM 02/05/00 -0800, Edwin Whitelaw wrote:
> >After hacking this into production on our corporate web site,
> >, the "word too common" error message is correctly
> >displayed when searching for the listed stop words, EXCEPT for the word
> >"and"!
> >
> >The swish.h file clearly shows "and" as a stop word.
> >
> >Any thoughts how this one is slipping through?
> "And" is a boolean term and part of the search language.
> see search.c
> int isbooleanrule(word)
> char *word;
> {
>         if (!strcmp(word, "and") || !strcmp(word, "or"))
>                 return 1;
>         else
>                 return 0;
> }
> Bill Moseley


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Received on Sun Feb 6 12:58:15 2000