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Indexing problem: don't want .cgi indexed

From: Gretchen Helms <ghelms(at)>
Date: Thu Jan 20 2000 - 22:11:14 GMT
So I'm using the HTTP method rather than the filesystem method
to index, because I'm bouncing off to a bunch of other servers and
need to trace all the hrefs on the pages and index them.

Problem is, one of the sites that I go index has a .cgi program that
has a lot of associated data with it that I really *don't* want in the
index, because it takes days to run the index if I include all the info.

I can see that with the filesystem method I can tell SWISH to 
not include anything with .cgi in the filename; is there another way
to do that with the HTTP method, and I'm missing it somehow?

Gretchen Helms
Project Manager: Csearch
Excite@Home x2199 (pager:
Received on Thu Jan 20 17:24:24 2000