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Re: Swish and Win32: Exception: STATUS_ACCESS_VIOLATION

From: David Norris <dave(at)>
Date: Tue Jan 04 2000 - 19:31:28 GMT
Lou Hevly wrote:
> I've installed SWISH-E 1.3 on Win32 using the gcc utility that comes with
> cygwin b-20. (To do so, I had to comment out the 'unlink' functions at http.c

Been there, done that.  It will never work right.  CygWin32 is junkware
and rarely ever works right.  I gave up on that nearly 2 years ago (beta
19, if that's a hint).  Even when it works right, it spontaneously
crashes 45 minutes into the 50 minutes of indexing. (on an index which
takes 5 minutes using MSVC or MinGW32 binaries.)

The Unix emulator is a disaster.  Especially, since there is no need to
use Cygnus' Unix emulation library on Windows when building an ANSI C
program.  The Windows C runtime library fully supports ANSI C.  Have a
look at my SWISH stuff at:

Under experimental builds I have links to Minimalist GNU Win32 and
modified source (1 or 2 preprocessor directives changed) and makefiles
for GCC with MinGW32.  MinGW32 adds the neccesary headers and libraries
to allow GCC to link with the Win32 C runtime libraries.  You'll get
rock solid, fast executables out of MinGW32 where CygWin32 is horribly
buggy and slow.

> I'd appreciate any comments anyone might have. Thanks.

Use anything but CygWin32 ;-)

,David Norris
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Received on Tue Jan 4 11:28:43 2000