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Can I do this with swish-e?

From: Daniele Albrizio <albrizio(at)>
Date: Wed Dec 22 1999 - 16:15:54 GMT
Please follow me a little bit:

I would like to index all web pages of 58 http servers in our
These servers are directly or indirectly linked (but all reachable)
from the University main page .
Maybe the documents to be indexed are about 35,000.

Now, it seems swish-e can index only pages contained in one server at 
a time.
Is this true?
Is there any workaround to index pages in a domain or a pool of 
I need swish-e to accept external sites (but only in domain without responding "Wrong method or server" and 
traversing links indexing all encountered pages.

If this is not possible at the moment, can this feature be requested 
for future versions?

I know some perl and I can help do this in perl, but I think 
this is in the C encoded part of swish-e.

Last question:
Is swish-e robots.txt standard compliant?

----------------- not interesting part, do not read ---------------

I come from Netscape Compass Server and I'm very disappointed about 
Netscape's buggy orrendously heavy script-collage job.

Due to recently discovered bugs on Netscape Servers, 
I decided to look around for a substitute even if less 
featured software.

My first look was about open and free software.

------------------ end of not interesting section -------------------

Best wishes to all and marry Christmas.

Daniele Albrizio

 Daniele ALBRIZIO   Web  Management
            UNIVERSITY OF TRIESTE - Computing Center
     Nextra-NETTuno - PoP di Trieste -
   via Valerio, 12 I-34100 Trieste Italy  Tel. +39-040.6763337
Received on Wed Dec 22 08:13:33 1999