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Swish-E, Windows NT, HTTP, Spidering

From: Chris Humphries <ChrisJMH(at)>
Date: Fri Dec 17 1999 - 15:54:35 GMT
I am trying to get Swish-E to run under Windows NT4. I have Perl5 

I am using the http method to index files in my local Web site.

I appear to have a problem running the spider. I have told Swish-E where 
the spider is but the spider does not appear to be working.

My spider is in d:\swish and exists as both "swishspider" and 
"" (I don't know what file is being looked for so I thought 
I'd provide as both of these just in case).

In "user.config" I have used
SpiderDirectory d:\swish

I have been running swish_132.exe from its local directory and the spider 
is in that local directory. If I provide a directory for the spider that is 
not correct, I get no error report, but if I supply a path that does not 
exist, I do get an error. Can I assume that if Swish-E does not find the 
spider in the specified path, it has a look in the current directory just 
in case it's there, but if the specified directory does not exist, I get an 

The reason that I think the spider may not be working is that there IS an 
valid href in my default.htm (IndexDir http://chris/default.htm) and yet 
the spider does not seem to follow that link.

What is the spider looking for in the way of links out from the initial 
HTML document?

Any help that anyone can offer on any of these subjects would be very 
gratefully appreciated.

Chris Humphries
Received on Fri Dec 17 07:52:36 1999