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My major memory malfunctions from swish-e

From: Dennis Hasch <dennis(at)>
Date: Tue Nov 23 1999 - 20:33:39 GMT

And thanks for reading this message.

I'm having an odd problem with HP memory in
that last month, swish-e ran without a glitch.

Now for some reason, I seem to run out of memory
before it even gets to the 3rd subdirectory
in my web tree. Odd?

If it can't even get past those few top level 
pages and sub directories how did it make it
all the way though before, because not that 
many new pages have been added to our site.

And in addition, I did have the sysadmin
add some extra virtual memory.

Just as an estimation, how can I determine how
much extra memory I will need to run swish-e 
if my web directory is about 327000 blocks?

By the way, I'll send .25 cents to your favorite
charity for every reasonably helpful response, 
and maybe even a buck, if your answer hits this
problem smack on the head.

Thanks, and I do appreciate your help.

Dennis Hasch   


 Dennis R. Hasch
Received on Tue Nov 23 12:33:04 1999