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Search problems with () and closing periods

From: Richard Morte <ric(at)>
Date: Thu Nov 11 1999 - 12:20:33 GMT
I am not sure if this is the correct forum for questions relating to
swish-e implementation - if not, then my apologies, though it would be
appreciated if some kind soul could forward it to the appropriate group.

I have been struggling for several days now to try and configure swish-e
to accept (and _ignore_) a closing period (if one is appended to a
search word). If a user enters a closing period, then no search results
are ever returned.

Similarly, if a user enters opening and closing parenthesis to force the
order of parsing, no search results are ever returned.

I currently have the following in user.config :

IgnoreLastChar )
IgnoreFirstChar (

I have tried many different variants - so far without success. I have
been looking at a posting from David Norris on Fri 27 Aug 1999 who
responded to a similar problem from another user. As far as I can see,
the above directives meet the rules regarding BeginCharacters and
EndCharacters being subsets of WordCharacters, and IgnoreLastChar and
IgnoreFirstChar being subsets of EndCharacters and BeginCharacters

swish-e was installed as a pre-compiled binary with FreeBSD 3.2 so the
defaults in config.h are unknown to me.

Is it simply the case that the directives in config.h (corresponding to
the above user.config directives) have to be specified at compile time
before any of the user.config directives have any effect? If so, the
solution is simple - I have to compile my own binary!

Any pointers, advice or confirmation will be very much appreciated.

Richard Morte
Received on Thu Nov 11 04:27:53 1999