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RE: Making Swish search like it indexes

From: David Norris <dave(at)>
Date: Thu Oct 28 1999 - 22:56:13 GMT
> Then to make this all work properly, you MUST specify your swish
> file during searches with the -C option.  Otherwise Swish will use
> defaults for WordCharacters, IgnoreFirstChar, and IgnoreLastChar.

Maybe I'm insane...  SWISH will only index any time I specify a config
file.  If I leave out the indexer options, it gives an error that I
must specify which files to index.

> It would be nice if those settings were stored in the index during

That should be simple enough.  It really isn't hard to read/write

Me being the perfectionist :)...  I'm still fairly well convinced that
the whole process needs to be rewritten from start to finish.  The
document parsing & word filtering needs to be handled by a separate,
common library.  Your modification also breaks the current layout of
the individual libraries.  (Which is inevitable, anyway.)  i.e. You
can't use the searcher without code from the indexer.

,David Norris
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