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Re: Meatdata Searching: Hyphen gives bad results

From: Bill Moseley <moseley(at)>
Date: Mon Oct 25 1999 - 14:13:23 GMT
At 08:41 PM 10/24/99 -0700, Jens Olscher wrote:
>If I search with this command: 
>swish-e -w "DC.Date.Created = 1999-07*" -f index.ndx
>the above file WILL NOT be returned. There will be NO RESULTS whatsoever
with this search. 
>If however I search using the much broader term: 
>swish-e -w "DC.Date.Created = 1999*" -f index.ndx
>the above document WILL be returned, but unfortunately together with 1000s
others that have been created in 1999....
>So my suspicion is that the hyphen screws up the results. Trying to escape
it as in "1999/-07*" or "1999\-07*" or simply leaving it out as in "199907*"
or even "1999*07*" all failed with no results returned at all (last one had
too many results, same as 1999*).

What are your WordCharacters, Begin.., End.., Ignore*Char settings?
Received on Mon Oct 25 07:13:59 1999