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context search

From: Sheni R. Meledath <sheni(at)>
Date: Thu Oct 14 1999 - 05:44:10 GMT

I have installed SWISH-E on our server and everything is working fine. I
have created the index for my site and created a form for searching this

Context search
Now when I submit a search for eg: 'web services' it is displaying the
pages in no specific order. We have a services page and the word 'web
services' is specified in the title of that page. But in the search results
its showing all pages that contains the word 'web' & 'services' and in no
order ie, now its displaying some 'news' pages before the 'services' page.
And it looks very weird to see the news pages when someone searched for

Is there any way to set the search order. That is first it searches the
title of the pages for the word and then the body and then the etc. etc...

I have read about the context search. One thing how to implement this from
the html form. I got a readymade perl program ( when I installed
the SWISH-E software and I am not at all a good programmer in Perl. So in
the form specified with that, this option is not specified. How to specify
this option in the html form. 

Using the context search is there any way to spcify the search roder in the
html documents.

Pls help me to solve these problems. Sorry for writing such a long email.



Sheni R Meledath
Received on Wed Oct 13 22:44:20 1999