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Re: Re: exclusions in indexing

From: Michael J. Giarlo <leftwing(at)>
Date: Fri Oct 01 1999 - 01:23:16 GMT
At 01:56 PM ET, 9/30/99, Ron Samuel Klatchko wrote:
>You can't for now.  Although swish will only follow <A> tags.  Just out
>of curiosity, if a site thought it would be helpful to have a link (not
>a form) to a CGI, why do you not want to follow it?

Mostly because all the CGIs return irrelevant content.  I'm indexing a
library site, and the CGIs access resources for various subjects.  The
purpose of my indexer/searcher is to sort of provide a gateway to where all
the content is, rather than return subject content.  For example, I don't
want information about philosophers in the 1800s, but I do want information
about where to find information about philosophers in the 1800s.  :)  (I
guess you could say I'm "meta-indexing.")


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