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RE: SWISH-E - indexing for non-HTML files?

From: Rainer Scherg <Rainer.Scherg(at)>
Date: Wed Sep 15 1999 - 09:13:49 GMT

I've enhanced swish-e by a simple filtering feature.
So you can install filters for e.g. PDF or other
document types (like Winword, Postscript,...).

This means: the filter has the task to convert the
content of a file into ascii (or ISO)-text on the
fly during the index process. The filter output will
be piped to swish-e.

More (rough and brief) information can be found on

E.g. we are indexing @1.2GB PDF a day on our intranet
using swish-e.

hope it helps - Rainer

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I was wondering:can SWISH-E be used to index such things as
WORD documents?


-- Chris

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