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RE: 1.3.2 compile warning

From: David Norris <kg9ae(at)>
Date: Tue Sep 14 1999 - 18:19:09 GMT
> I see the following compiler warning when building V1.3.2:

I've noticed that GCC complains about that.  Never bothered to look at it
before, though.  merge.h defines a structure used by docprop.h, which means
that merge.h must always be included before docprop.h.  merge.h isn't
included in index.c which includes docprop.h.

In short, if you add merge.h just before docprop.h in index.c, then the
warning goes away.  Whether that makes any difference in program execution
is dependant on whether that function is used in index.c.  I suspect that
merge.h and docprop.h might need to be overhauled a little.

,David Norris

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