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RE: Makefile Error

From: David Norris <kg9ae(at)>
Date: Sun Sep 12 1999 - 02:20:25 GMT
Did you edit the Makefile?  You'll need to modify the CC variable.  And,
possibly the CFLAGS variable.

You should be able to use:

,David Norris

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-----Original Message-----
[]On Behalf Of Charles
Sent: Saturday, September 11, 1999 1:20 PM
To: Multiple recipients of list
Subject: [SWISH-E] Makefile Error

Hi       =20

I'm a bit of a newbie and most certainly not a programmer, so with that =
out of the way here it is:

I tried to install swish on a linux server with gcc installed ( =
/usr/bin/gcc ) but I keep getting an error when I run the make command. =
I've modified the makefile with the changes as outlined in the readme =
but here is what I get :

Makefile:30: *** commands commence before first target.  Stop.

Can any body help? What am I missing?

Please respond to
Received on Sat Sep 11 19:11:39 1999