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RE: RE: [Q] Mod-Search

From: David Norris <kg9ae(at)>
Date: Wed Sep 08 1999 - 23:22:54 GMT
> With a SIGUSR1 there is no such problem. And the idea is that all the
> configuration work is handled by the plug-in, so, you will never
> actually have to reload the configuration files.

Taking advantage of Apache's access control (.htaccess) and directory
configuration contexts you could modify the module's configuration per
access.  This would allow a cleaner interface (less POST/GET method clutter)
to the module consistent with other Apache modules.  This is particularly an
issue if you use GET method to allow bookmarking of search results; you'll
have to take care that the URL length never exceeds 1024 bytes or so.
SWISH-E has been built into ISAPI server modules on Windows, so it is quite

There are only a few advantages to a module version.  The main advantage is
eliminating the need to spawn a new process as that is the single most time
consuming task of any.  There are some nice features which could be added to
the search.c.  But, those features would not be unique to a server module.
The major disadvantage is related to the user interface.  Ideally, you would
want to come up with a way to write large portions of the user interface in
a common scripting language (e.g. using mod_PERL or mod_PHP) so as to make
it user configurable.  This is also quite feasible.

,David Norris

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