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Suggestion for recursive file search and bug fix for command line parser

From: Ronald Aarts <R.G.K.M.Aarts(at)>
Date: Wed Sep 01 1999 - 12:03:10 GMT
Dear everyone,

I selected swish-e for use as a search engine at our site, but after playing 
around with version 1.3 (most recent file dated March 18, 1999) I preferred to 
add a feature which may be of use for others.

At our site I did not want to index the complete root directory as users may 
have some "hidden" files in their directory that I don't want to reveal with a 
public accessible search engine. So I prefer to recursively process the files 
starting with the first file(s) as specified. That is more or less the behavior of 
the http-method of swish-e, but I want to use it for the fs-mode.
To that order I modified 3 source files. In two cases the diffs with the originals 
are small, but as the third is somewhat larger, I don't post them here. You can 
find them at 
In case that is a problem, let me know. This is what I did:

* swish.h: 
    Define a variable recursefiles with some constant values.
    Define a structure pathlistentry.
* swish.c:
    Add two options -r and -R to select recusive fs-method (see e.g. in
    Correct a few erroneous calls of argc-- in the case of command line
    arguments processing (this is a bug in the original source!).
* fs.c:
    Complete overhaul for recursive processing, see the file.

My modifications may not always be "optimal", but for the time being I am 
quite satisfied with the result (including the original swish-e!). If you like my 
suggestions, feel free to use them in your own version or perhaps even the 
official version of swish-e.
Of course, suggestions regarding my modifications are welcome.

Received on Wed Sep 1 04:52:27 1999