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re : RE: re : RE: questions about searching with swish-e

From: <dams(at)>
Date: Sun Aug 29 1999 - 17:30:34 GMT
> Well, merging the indices or results at runtime probably wouldn't be a
> viable solution.  But, having the -m (MaxHits) option work correctly would
> probably be nice.  That way, your results would be organized into individual
> newsgroups.

So will you modify the -m option in the next release?

> > But removing some files from an index would be a great thing

>Why ever would you want to remove files? ;)

If some files have been removed or modified, it would be faster to remove them of the index instead of creating a completly new index...

> If I remember, there is a bit field of sorts which indicates various
> attributes.  Something like:

In that case, storing the title of each file in the index file seems to be 
useless. Why not removing this, so that it would make the indexes smaller?


	Damien Chrisment
Received on Sun Aug 29 10:25:29 1999