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RE: re : RE: questions about searching with swish-e

From: David Norris <kg9ae(at)>
Date: Fri Aug 27 1999 - 19:06:19 GMT
> As there are too much possibilities, I cant do my search on only 1
> index which is the merged index from the X selected newsgroups.

Well, merging the indices or results at runtime probably wouldn't be a
viable solution.  But, having the -m (MaxHits) option work correctly would
probably be nice.  That way, your results would be organized into individual

> But removing some files from an index would be a great thing

Why ever would you want to remove files? ;)

> Last question, how does swish-e proceded to know if a word is in the file
> title? In the index file, is there a special bit set in front of the
> word after the file reference or does it search afterward if the
> word is in the file title?

If I remember, there is a bit field of sorts which indicates various
attributes.  Something like:
1 - Attribute A
2 - Attribute B
4 - Attribute C

A result with 1 = A, 3 = A and B, 7 = A, B, and C, and so on.

,David Norris

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