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questions about searching with swish-e

From: <dams(at)>
Date: Thu Aug 26 1999 - 11:47:45 GMT
I have a 2 questions about searching with swish-e:
	1) when we give more than one index file to swish-e, the search result is made of the succession of each index search result. Why aren't all these results merged?
	2) the -m option allows to specify the maximum number of results to return. When we give one index file, then this number corresponds to files with the maximum of relevance rank. But, as -m option seems to take the first X files in the result list, when we search in more than one file, files with high relevance rank can be ignored if they dont appear in the first index file. Shouldn't this be modified? 
I think this kind of problem should be removed if the search results were merged as suggested in question 1.


	Damien Chrisment
Received on Thu Aug 26 04:42:32 1999