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Re: Links not followed in indexing

From: Ron Klatchko <ron(at)>
Date: Mon Aug 23 1999 - 05:22:43 GMT
On Sun, 22 Aug 1999, Margaret Adam wrote:
> I have found that a number of our pages have HREF rather than href. 
> This doesn't seem to bother the browsers but SWISH-E ignores the HREF 
> links. Has anyone else found this? what can I do about it?

I just tried that to reproduce your error and was unable to.  What
platform are you on, what version of SWISH are you trying to use, what
version of Perl do you have.

Also, care to share a URL to a page that has an HREF that is ignored?

          Ron Klatchko - Manager, Advanced Technology Group           
           UCSF Library and Center for Knowledge Management           
Received on Sun Aug 22 22:19:16 1999