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RE: Combining index files

From: David Norris <kg9ae(at)>
Date: Thu Aug 19 1999 - 18:06:19 GMT
> If I were to use swish-e on the 2 UNIX web servers and one on a windows 98
> machine to produce 3 index.swish files, could I then rename them and move
> them to the main web site and use something like this in the search:

You'll probably have to transfer the index file between systems in ASCII mode.  Or, translate
the CRLFs to LFs in the Windows generated index and vice-versa.  It may or may not work
otherwise.  I've not tried to open a raw Windows index using Unix swish-e.  I do know that the
index file is usable across systems without trouble.

> -f index1.swish, index2.swish, index3.swish

You could use this:
-f index1.swish index2.swish index3.swish

It doesn't produce a merged set of results, though.  This will search each index sequentially.
You would get results for index1, then index2, then index3.  This could be more useful than a
merged index in some cases.

> I know that index files can be merged.  That's no problem.  But, can you
> merge index files made on 3 distinct web servers into 1 index file
> maintaining the links to the correct files.

Well, my best suggestion is to try it and let us know ;)  If you use the replace rules while
indexing, in theory, it should keep the URIs intact when merged.  Internally, swish-e doesn't
know the difference between a URI and a file name.  I'm relatively sure that it stores the file
name as is.

,David Norris

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