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Re: cfm extensions

From: Rich Fields at 407.356.5842 <fields(at)>
Date: Thu Aug 19 1999 - 12:37:15 GMT
I'm rather new to SWISH-E, but you might check to see if the
TITLEs are within the first 12 lines of the top of each
file. There is a parameter that appears to limit the search
for TITLEs to this range.

Rich Fields

> Hi,
> I'm here too...
> I am indexing some with CFM files (generated by Cold Fusion),
> they are HTML files generated by for example ASP tecnology.
> Those files have a title but SWISH-E doesn't index them,
> why doesn't index???
> Why don't take SWISH-E those files as standar HTML files
> (because for the browser are the same)???
> Answer me please!!!
> Ibon
Received on Thu Aug 19 05:29:30 1999