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RE: RE: Swish-e question

From: Ola Sjögren <Ola.P.Sjogren(at)>
Date: Tue Aug 17 1999 - 07:56:30 GMT
I tried with \\ but it did not help.
The strange thing is that swish handles spaces in a directory path OK, but
not in a filepath.
I'm running it on a solaris machine, and have tried to run it in tcsh, ksh
and sh with the same negative result. 
Space is used to separate files or directories which is defined on the same
line in the swish-e.config file. But with a " around the path, the spaces
should be handled, shouldn't it (which it does with directories but not
Ola Sjögren

>> IndexDir "/usr/local/www/test one/test two.pdf" does not work.
>Have you tried escaping the backslash itself?  Maybe something is
>translating '\ ' into ' ' before the OS gets it.  (e.g. 
>"test\\ two.pdf")
>The usability of spaces in the file name would be totally 
>dependant on the
>operating system.  It seems to work flawlessly on Windows and 
>BSD.  In any
>case, it is not advisable to have spaces in any file name.
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