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Building on Windows...

From: David Norris <kg9ae(at)>
Date: Tue Aug 17 1999 - 02:04:19 GMT
Are there any folks on the list interested in being able to compile SWISH-E
on Windows without an expensive C compiler?  (Silly question?)  I have been
fiddling with building SWISH-E using GNU MingW32 over the past few minutes.
MingW32 is a free, native, MSVC compatible port of the GNU tools (gcc, make,
et al binutils) which do not run under a Unix emulator.  It is a native
Win32 compiler as it uses Microsoft's C runtime (CRTDLL.DLL).  MingW32 is,
absolutely, nothing like CygWin32.  I want to make that very clear ;)  So
far, it appears as stable as MSVC.

I would like for a few folks to help me test this thing.  Specifically
spidering and indexing.  (directory related routines)  The search routines
seem fine.  It should not take much to make it compile flawlessly with
MingW32.  So far, I've only had to edit a few things.

The only noticeable problems are in dirent.c and Makefile.  The lack of
dirent.c makes http.c and httpserver.c fail compilation and indexing dies on
directory reads.  Simple stuff, should be easy to fix.  All compile errors
seem to be related to problems with win32/dirent.*  The Makefile is having
trouble linking objects compiled from the win32 directory.  gcc places the
output to ./ and make is looking for win32/*.o.  Again, should be easy to
fix once the other code is working.

Once I have some of the noticeable errors cleared up, I'll make a test build
for whomever wants to try it.

,David Norris

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