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spider error

From: <ASA_AZIZ(at)not-real.FRCU.EUN.EG>
Date: Sun Aug 15 1999 - 10:33:30 GMT
Dear Swishe Group ;
    I successfully down loaded installing swish-e in alpha server creat an
index for a 
local File system , and run a perl program that make the index avaible on the
net but
when I wat to creat an index for a a HTTP method the result is as follows:

I wrot:
$swish-e -c user.config -S http

the system gives:
# swish-e -c user.config -S http
Indexing Data Source: "HTTP-Crawler"
sh: /usr/data/web/public/cgi-bin/swishspider: cannot execute
retrieving (0)...
sh: /usr/data/web/public/cgi-bin/swishspider: cannot execute

Removing very common words... no words removed.
Writing main index... no unique words indexed.
Writing file index... no files indexed.
Running time: 1 minute.
Indexing done!

I will appreciate your cooperation.thank you for care.
Received on Sun Aug 15 02:28:44 1999