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ANNOUNCE: swish-e & perl cgi scripts (with date functions) available

From: Bas Meijer <datasmid(at)>
Date: Thu Aug 05 1999 - 07:52:36 GMT
For immediate release:

Bussum, the Netherlands 3 august 1999

Bas Meijer releases CGI perl-scripts for the Apache webserver using swish-e.

This is a search-engine for websites based on Swish-e from the Berkeley
Digital Library. It can be used, as is, to make the Linux documentation in
/usr/doc and the Apache documentation searchable trough a webinterface. The
basic swish-e functionality has been augmented in the perl script with
datefunctions from Date::Calc so users can limit the search to be before,
after or between two dates. Users can also limit the search to parts of a

With extra work you can make your website searchengine with this.

Effort has been made that swish-e compiles on multiple unix platform
through use of autoconf (i.e. installing is with ./Configure;make).
It was tested succesfully on RedHat Linux 5.2, IRIX 6.2, and Solaris. We
had some trouble with HP-UX, so we could not confirm the autoconf on one
peculiar configuration, we did confirm working of the script & swish-e
compiled by hand.

In contrast to other perl scripts, this one calls swish-e the proper way
(no possible shell escapes!) and it is a selfcontained script, no html-form
is necessary.

The whole package can be downloaded in source-form  from
a working demo is online there.

Thanks to Netwerk Gebruikersgroep Nederland for hosting this.

Swish-e and Date::Calc are provided 'as is' (for convenience)
they are available under their respective licenses, read them.

Hope this helps,

Bas Meijer

--   /'''    Bas Meijer
     \  >
Received on Thu Aug 5 00:49:29 1999