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Search Applet (again)

From: Christian Werner <Christian.Werner(at)>
Date: Sun Jun 27 1999 - 13:22:42 GMT

an updated version of my SWISH-E search applet (see can be found on

Now wildcards and word stemming are supported and an "All Words" button
plus some applet/JavaScript logic allows to construct a query from a
keyword list by some mouse clicks only.

The SWISH-E index file now is gzip'ed in small chunks in browser memory
and expanded only when needed thus (hopefully) allowing bigger index
files to be operated on.

Browsers I know the applet is working on are:

Win32  :       MS IE 4.0
                       Communicator 4.61  (NOT 4.6 !!!)

Linux:           Communicator 4.5
                       Communicator 4.61  (NOT 4.6 !!!)

As last time, comments, fixes and general feedback is highly

Received on Sun Jun 27 06:24:33 1999